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LEGACY’s Head of Sports Psychology, Jennifer Neal, speaks to parents and players

November 22, 2023

Last week, one of LEGACY’s coaches and Head of Sports Psychology  Jennifer Neal spent time talking to players and parents about sport psychology and the importance of the mental side of tennis. 

The presentation was interactive with handouts, polls, and questions. Ms. Neal covered topics like concentration, anxiety, goals, imagery and how they can positively or negatively affect playing performance. Many players in the Tournament Training 1 clinic were present and did exercises on listening, goal setting, and being open and honest to give themselves an idea of how valuing the mental side of tennis can help improve their game.  

Towards the end, Ms. Neal answered questions from parents regarding how they can help their child progress. This included discussions on what parent’s involvement should be at tournaments, how they can help encourage their athletes and what else they can do to help their athletes improve. 

Jennifer Neal offers both group and individual sport psychology lessons as well as private tennis lessons. She can be contacted at or you can click HERE to learn more.

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