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We are so excited to be piloting a new sports psychology program here at LEGACY! Our new program will be currently offered three times a week and has Zoom hours available. This program will be led by LEGACY‘S very own Jennifer Neal, who is looking forward to getting started!

LEGACY’s Sports Psychology program will help athletes develop strategies to overcome mental blocks that may be holding them back from their true potential.

This program focuses on teaching tennis players how to regulate their physiological, psychological, and behavioral state of being to optimize their performance, essentially building the ideal elite athlete who possesses the 3 essential athletic qualities: physical conditioning, psychological readiness, and a competent skill level. Jennifer’s coaching philosophy is, the mind is the real athlete – the body is the vessel it uses to accomplish its goal.

Program Times

Mondays: 4-6pm
Tuesdays: 5-7pm
Thursdays: 5-7pm
Saturdays: 10am-12pm & 3:30pm

Program Costs

$100 per session (1 Hour)

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Coming Soon

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