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LEGACY Announces New Program Coming Soon

March 21, 2024

Coming soon, LEGACY will launch an extensive Video Based Training and Performance Analysis program with Coach Cha Goods. Cha Goods is a USTA certified high performance coach and a Dartfish analyst. He has called Legacy his home for 16 of his 19 years as a professional, having worked with countless players, nurturing and guiding them through every stage of player development; achieving growth, maturity, and competitive success in the pursuit of their greatest tennis aspirations and goals. 

Coach Cha is nationally recognized in the use of video technology and has been for the duration of his career. Martin Blackman, General Manager of Player Development at the USTA National Headquarters said “…video is the wave of the future and is vital to the development of the next wave of great American players. We can’t thank you (Coach Cha) enough for moving the dial and raising the bar in using technology to develop players and coaches alike”. 

LEGACY is so excited to see what Coach Cha can do for our players through Video Based Training. Coach Cha has been an integral part of LEGACY as an organization for years and he will continue to shape and mold players and the future of LEGACY through this program!

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