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10 and Under Tennis Coach


Center-Based Tennis

Date Updated

February 28, 2023

Position Summary

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education is Philadelphia’s premier tennis center with a state of art tennis facility that features 8 indoor and 8 outdoor courts. Legacy’s mission is to prepare youth for success through our inclusive community using tennis, education and character programming. The Center-Based 10 and Under Tennis Instructor works under the direction of Tennis Directors and the Sr. Director of Tennis to deliver high quality, on-court tennis and education programs to a diverse group of participants at LEGACY.


Responsibilities/Essential Functions

  • Assist in creating a teaching methodology for 10 and under youth, including, but not limited to, Physical Skills, Tactical, Technical, Mental and Emotional.
  • Work with the Director of Talent Identification on creating new and improving current Legacy coaching methodology and clinic groupings.
  • Take time each session to figure out how each student learns best to raise the level of competency for the entire group by the end of a clinic.
  • Be a role model in consistently showing a high level of respect to each participant, being conscious of equal treatment and attention, and promoting a sense of camaraderie and inclusiveness amongst the group.
  • Bring a sense of enthusiasm, preparedness, and commitment to ensure quality programming each session.
  • Continuous monitoring of the health and safety of each participant, ensuring the highest standards both on
    and off the courts
  • Responsible for the security of LEGACY equipment and the satisfactory appearance of the Center.
  • Assist with maintaining the tennis courts and common areas, keeping areas clean of trash, storing
    equipment in a neatly and orderly fashion.
  • Adhere to all Legacy policies and procedures.
  • Attend staff meetings as directed.
  • Come to work dressed neatly and professionally, in appropriate tennis clothing.
  • Participate in all training and continuing educational activities as directed.
  • Be approachable, welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic.
  • Demonstrate integrity and become a strong role model for all LEGACY participants.
  • Effectively communicate with participants of all ages, management, and other staff.
  • Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times and maintain an excellent standard of
    customer service.