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LEGACY Coaches Attend Coaches Workshop at National Campus

July 21, 2023

Recently, LEGACY Coaches Stevie Dandridge and Jenn Neal had the opportunity to attend a coaches workshop at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, FL. Coach Dandridge shared a few words about his time, which helped remind him of the high standards that LEGACY coaches hold themselves and their programs. From Dandridge:

“My trip to the USTA National Campus was a meaningful one, full of great experiences. From what I was being taught in the workshops, we are already doing a great job with most things at LEGACY. This workshop focused on private lessons and semi-private lessons. I was already using many principles being taught such as proper player evaluations, using an “open-closed-open” format, and many other things. While this was comforting I did notice that while I excelled within the course, I do have things to work on. I will continue with the course and become a national-level coach thanks to opportunities like this one.”

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