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Recommendation for Each Clinic –

Tournament Training Clinic must be approved by Director of Tennis Sanjin Kunovac.

Munchkins – This clinic introduces 4-7 year old children to the game of tennis through a variety of fun, skill-building activities. Players learn the fundamental stroke production and ABCs of tennis (agility, balance, and coordination). Participants will play on 36-foot courts.

Competitive Clinic – Competitive Clinic is for players ages 8-18 at an intermediate level. Participants are working towards tournament play or actively participating in District Level USTA tournaments. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

Tournament Training Competitive – (Minimum Recommended UTR of 1.0 for girls and 1.5 for boys) For performance players ages 9-18 who are committed to a full tournament schedule, and have the desire to compete on the national level

Tournament Training 1 – (Minimum Recommended UTR of 4.5 for girls and 5.5 for boys) – Tournament Training 1 is an intense training program for players ages 12-18. Players are introduced to high-performance training and expected to train at a high level. The goal of this program is to develop all aspects of the student’s game – technical, strategy, tactics, psychological (mental/emotional), and physical/athletic – with the intent of developing the skills needed to help each student reach their full potential as a player. This program is for players who are committed to training and competing in tournaments on a full-time basis.

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