Fitness / Athletic Development

Legacy’s Fitness Program will be offering 30 minutes of fitness after clinics Monday-Thursday for the following groups:

TT1 Drop-Ins/ Appointments
Monday TBD TBD
Tuesday TBD TBD
Wednesday TBD TBD
Thursday TBD TBD

Private and group training (3+ individuals) available before and after clinic.
Contact LEGACY directly to learn more about our extended training session that will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays TBD.


Phone: 215-487-3477

Hey Legacy Parents!

To parents and anyone interested in experiencing a fun, but challenging workout that offers a variety of exercises designed to help reach your specific fitness goals. LEGACY will be offering group sessions Monday-Friday from TBD. Please contact LEGACY directly with days/ times that fit your schedule if these times do not fit your schedule. Sessions will be available in the early mornings for both private and group lessons (at least 2 individuals are needed for a group session). Please call or email with any questions regarding what the class entails and pricing.